Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Parks and Zoos

As promised, here are pictures of two days Jack recently spent at the park:

And our day today at the zoo was quite a success. The entire way there Jack was describing the animals he would see. When we pulled up in the parking lot he started to clap. I guess the zoo is a hit with him.

Here he is posing with his favorite animal:

I couldn’t pick just one – they were both too cute. From there we visited the baboon exhibit. Jack and Ms. Baboon regarded one another for quite some time:

But Jack kept looking back at me to be certain I was watching what he was doing:

It’s hard to see in this picture, but there is a baby orangutan at the top of the screen. She is about nine months old, and this is the first time we’ve seen her playing by herself. Jack was enthralled. Here he is turning around to say “bay-beeee” to me, just so he can be sure I see the baby:

We visited the play area where Jack donned a swimsuit and then refused to go in the water. He also refused to go down the slide, although he insisted on climbing to the top repeatedly:

He finally started to get tired, signaling the end of our visit:

Oh Brooke, I am sorry to admit this ... but that last picture is my FAVORITE picture!!! It's just so expressive and full of emotion! What a "caught in the act" type of photo - a one in a million!!! Oh save that one! It's just too cute! :-)
who are you all of a sudden?

all updating your blog and stuff. next thing you know, we're going to get a post on Phoenista!
Great pictures! I really, really miss the Phoenix zoo. I used to take my kids almost weekly when we lived there.
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