Friday, August 18, 2006

Happy Happy

Happy Jack

One of the big verbal milestones for babies is the ability to say two syllable words. Up until now, Jack has been shortening most words to whatever syllable makes the most sense to him. Cookie is "key", sausage is "saus", water is "wa", Sesame Street is merely "steet".

Tonight when we were getting out of the car after dinner, Joe asked Jack if he was happy. Jack started saying "Happy, happy, happy". We captured the above clip to show his incredible new talent. If you listen carefully at the beginning, you can also hear Elmo in the background.

We are moving into the new house next week and Jack is getting a bed. No more crib for this grown-up boy. I'll take pictures of him sleeping in it as soon as it happens. I'm going to put my money on him falling asleep on the floor next to the gate that will trap him in his room, but we'll see.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Jack about town

We finally closed on the new house, and we all went over to check it out. Jack enjoys running around the big empty rooms and coloring on the walls. He is also helping me with some decorating tips – here he is recommending a new fabric for this lampshade:

And testing the carpet with Joe:

Here he is commenting on the landscaping, and making his suggestions for some new foliage:

One of the great things about the new house is the neighborhood. Most importantly, there is a Pei Wei right down the street. Not normally a fan of chain restaurants, I make an exception for Pei Wei for a few reasons. The food is good. They offer a gluten-free menu. And it is loud and people don't generally care about a screaming kid.

Jack particularly likes the gluten free sweet and sour chicken. I think he'll be using chopsticks before we know it.

Last weekend we visited the new Cabella's – a hunting and fishing store that opened last recently. It is quite an amazing place. In the fishing section they have an aquarium with all types of fish. Jack is quite a fan of fish, and even says a word that resembles "ish".

Here he is showing Joe what's what:

And here he's trying to make sure I'm paying attention:

Jack spent some time with my parents this week while Joe and I escaped the heat to go fishing in the mountains. He kept them busy by demanding to play in the hose:

and wondering where the water went:

He also learned how to blow out a candle:

And he ate a few snow cones:

We've been very busy trying to get ready for the big move, as well as get ready for the new baby. Only 18 weeks to go!

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