Sunday, February 26, 2006

Playdate with Baby Jake

On Friday Jack and I went over to visit Elissa and Jake. Elissa and I went out to lunch while Jake and Jack played with the exersaucer. (Jenna was there with them, in case you were thinking we just left them home with the dogs. She is a brave woman watching a 7 month and a 15 month old baby at the same time.)

I can't believe how big Jake has gotten – here he is smiling:

and looking at Jack stand up:

The funny thing about these boys is that they will be in the same kindergarten class in 2010. Right now they look so different, but I suppose when they are five things will be different.

Later that day Jack practiced some more walking (You can see how skeptical Guido is of the entire endeavor:)

Yesterday we headed downtown to the Matsuri festival. I knew nothing about this event but figured we should enjoy the weather while we can still stand to go outside. Jack likes to walk around and look at people, so it was a perfect day for him. He even wore a hat:

Here you can see how crowded it was:

It was also a bit warm, so Jack drank lots of water:

and even offered me some:

Then we went to look at the fountains at the Arizona Center:

Joe came and met us there while Jack tried to explain to him the calming effects of running water:

We have a typical week this week. Not too much excitement over here, other than more walking.

Everytime I see you post a picture with your stroller in it, I mean to ask you what make it is. We have a stroller here but I rather like yours. ;)
Hi Brooke,
I meet you last summer with Kim Dallas. I have checked Jack's blog only a couple of times since last summer but I wanted to tell you that I'm still here checking in every once and I while. He is adorable and such a happy guy, isn't he?
I also just checked out your knitting blog for the first time since last summer and I wanted to tell you that I have never read HP either. Seems silly people would get upset over it...
Do you still have a knitting blog? I'd love to see what you've been working on. I'm still plugging away at my wash cloths. (:
Anyway, I just wanted to say hi.
Take care,
Maura (Berly's friend from TN)
Sorry about the many typ-o's in my last post. Hard to comment with a 2 year old in my lap. Hope you can read what I was trying to write.
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