Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Big Boy Tub

As promised, here are some shots of Jack, who has finally decided to take a bath in a regular tub:

I think he realized there was more splash capabilities were far superior in the big tub:

and there is the bubble factor as well:

Also as promised, a picture of Jack with favorite football-watching companion, Uncle Travis:

They had a fun trip to the grocery store together, and now Jack is trying to talk Joe into growing a beard.

This week we drove down to meet Julie and Mac for lunch. We are in a very transitional time when it comes to naps these days, and Jack fell asleep on the way. I successfully transferred him from the car to his stroller:

and then he slept for an entire hour! I actually got to eat some food. It was quite unprecedented.

Mac had a good time eating his lunch and pointing over to the stroller and saying "Jack". It's funny that they recognize one another now.

Here is Mac posing for the camera in his cute outfit:

We have been pretty busy this week. Today we went to baby time at the library, then lunch with Jeff, then off to a new playgroup in Encanto where he met two kids his age. They had a little fort with a slide and Jack slid down all by himself! He was quite proud.

He's still not walking more than a few steps at a time. Although I was holding one hand and he was walking along kicking a soccer ball, so I know he has the balance to do it. He's just choosing not to. Go figure.

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