Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Put One Foot in Front of the Other

Yesterday afternoon Jack took two steps completely unassisted. He was holding on to the chair I was sitting in, he let go, took two steps and grabbed on to the couch. Then this morning he was standing next to me in the bathroom while I was putting on my makeup, so I leaned down and held out my hand. He took one step toward me and then held my hand. It’s progress of a sort, and I’m sure he’ll be running around in no time.

Today we did some more Christmas shopping, which is always tiring. I tried to get a picture of Jack before he fell asleep with his eyes at half-mast, but I wasn’t fast enough. By the time I got the camera out his little eyes were completely shut:

But notice how he’s sitting up in his forward-facing car seat, just like a real boy. We flipped him around on his birthday but apparently forgot to adjust the recline bar, so he was still lying back. Now he sits up completely in the seat and can look out the window. He prefers this situation and can’t understand why we took so long to position him correctly.

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