Friday, December 02, 2005

Baby It's Cold Outside

It finally cooled off here in the desert. Up until last Saturday it was hitting at least 80 degrees during the day, and even staying pretty warm at night as well. But Sunday morning hit and the chill is finally in the air. Which is good for us, because we are all in the holiday spirit here at howisjack. We went shopping for poinsettias:

You can see Jack’s favorite riding position in that picture. For some reason he doesn’t like to sit in the cart like a normal boy.

He is completely fascinated with the tree, and all breakable ornaments have been relocated to the top. This results in a lopsided looking tree, but will save us in the long run. Here he is inspecting the lights:

And looking a little blurry:

This is his favorite ornament so far, and he can sit and stare at it for, oh, 30 seconds or so.

Tomorrow we are going to visit Santa, so he will have plenty of new pictures to share.

Jack also went to the doctor for his one year check-up this week. He is 30 inches tall, 22 pounds, and has a 19 inch head. The doctor declared him to be in fine health, gave him two shots, and sent us on our merry way. We don’t go back for three more months, so let’s hope we can all keep it together between now and then.

On the home front we had some very good news last night. Jack’s dad made partner at his law firm and we are all incredibly proud of him. It is such a relief and is the culmination of 8 years of very hard work (actually 11 if you count law school!).

More later as Jack prepares for his first real Christmas!

Congrats Joe, Brooke, and Jack! That is such great news!! :)
Congrats Jack's Dad!!

And yay for nice-sized babies! Brogan was 31" and 23lbs when I measured and weighed him on his birthday (we couldn't get an appt for his checkup until a month after). I'll take a toddler that size over an overly chubby one any day. My poor 5-mo-old nephew has about four chins and they sit on his neck along with his cheeks. LOL

Way to grow Jack! You're a heart melter.
Happy birthday, Jack! (& congrats to dad, too.)

-- Jon & Rosie (Zoë's dad & mom)
Congratulations Joe!! having worked for lawyers for 25 years ~ i know the excruciating work and time it takes to achieve partner ... excellent!!

Brooke ~ we also have the lopsided tree with the "very nice" ornaments still in their boxes, the "good' ornaments at the top and the bows and other non-breakables towards the bottom. Jordan also likes to de-trim the tree .. he is fascinated with the lights and such. it's so cute to see the wonder and awe in their eyes.

Jordan wasn't too fond of Santa .... hehe
Wow from playing footsie to hanging out with the guys eating and playing with trucks :)
And so are the days of Jack's life.
Absolutely fantastic photos. Mom and Dad aren'tto shabby either.

Hugs and kisses to the Adams.

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