Monday, October 31, 2005

Jack the Magic Dragon

We had a Halloween gathering on Saturday – basically it was an excuse to dress up babies and laugh at how cute they are. Here is Jack in his dragon outfit:

dragon 1

My mom made it for him and it was wonderful. She also made a tiger for Mac:


Baby Jake showed up as a devil with wings – too cute:


And here you can see that the adults did not dress up, except for my mom who is wearing my dad’s navy uniform from Vietnam:


And here are Jack and Mac together, shortly before Jack started choking Mac and then knocked him to the ground:

jack and mac

I think I will have more pictures from my dad’s camera, so I’ll post more later. I also have a few shots of Jack and Joe carving pumpkins.

Those costumes are adorable! Sandee rocks!
So cute!! I love the last picture. It reminds me of my monster and the reason I'm putting him in daycare (in a private home though) instead of having a relative with no kids look after him. He needs to have interaction with other kids. The other day when he was playing "with" his cousin (who's the roughly the same age), he grabbed his shirt, pulled him over onto the floor, and took away his toy. They're so "me, me" even at this age, aren't they?
how cute!!

the best costumes that my son ever had were also hand made by my sister .... one was an Ewok (from Star Wars) and the other was a clown .... he even won some costume contests in his day ....

Jack is adorable!!!
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