Thursday, October 27, 2005

Happy 11 months, Jack

Jack loves to go out to eat. He likes banging spoons on new tables, staring at other people until they become uncomfortable, throwing stuff on the floor that has to be picked up by the waitstaff instead of eaten by a dog. You get the idea. Luckily Grandma Gloria and Grandpa Tom are happy to oblige him. They take him to Nello's when he spends over at their house. It's a good place to go because it's loud and most people don't mind the squalling that comes from our little munchkin.

Here he is in all his out-to-eat glory:


Another of his favorite activities is going shopping. He doesn't care where, as long as there is a cart and stuff to look at, preferably hanging from the ceiling. Once again, the grandparents score big with Jack and take him to Target.




As you can see, Jack is developing quite a little personality. Is he snapping in that lost shot? I'm not sure, but it really wouldn't surprise me.

On Saturday, Jack donned his most patriotic outfit and did some more shopping, this time at the bookstore:


He loves books right now. I read to him every night but it's only recently that I feel like he's completely following the story. Right now our favorite book is called "Is Your Mama a Lama?" The only bad part is that the story gets stuck in my head, and I find myself repeating it when Jack isn't even around. ("Is your mama a llama? I asked my friend Fred. No she is not, is what Freddy said.")

And of course, he loves to crawl around and explore. Here he is with his new guitar:


and hanging out in the entryway:


That's enough for now. I have to prepare myself for the Halloween extravaganza this weekend. Get ready to see the cutest little dragon in all of babydom.

Is your Mama a llama I asked my friend Rhonda? No she is not is how Rhonda responded. it is stuck in my head!
Happy 11 Months Jack!

can you believe this time went so fast?!? before you know it he'll be starting school ~ then asking for the car ~ then graduating high school ~ then college ...

It's never enough! Keep the pictures coming (as I'm sure you will). ;) Our guys are four days apart! I just found you tonight; you commented on my blog. How'd you find me? I'll have to take a peek and see if you're in any of the webrings I'm in.
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