Sunday, October 02, 2005


Joe mentioned to me recently that we haven't taken bath pictures in a while. So tonight we grabbed the camera for some water-soaked fun. (Seriously, if you get too close to the tub during bath time you are sure to be drenched by the end of the event.)

From above, he actually looks a little bit small.

bath 3

But as you get closer he is more and more like a little boy:

bath 4

bath 5

Here you can check out his teeth, and see how much he likes to hang out with his dad:

bath 6

And here is all that splashing I was telling you about. First with no flash, so you can see his little hands going crazy:

bath 1

and then with a flash so you can see the water mid-air:

bath 2

I'm not sure if we'll have much to photograph this week, but we'll find something interesting I'm sure.

He has changed so much! I love his big brown eyes! We really missing you guys! Angus has a cold right now and didn't sleep very much last night. I really need a nap. Anyway, hope to hear from you soon!
he will SO appreciate these pictures when he's about 16 - 18 .. hehe be sure to show them to the girlfriend ...
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