Friday, August 19, 2005

A quiet week

It has been a quiet week. Jack and I spent a lot of quality time together at various shopping venues, and he crawled over every possible surface in the house. After spending time in Denver with a house full of people, he is suddenly the most talkative baby on the block. It sounds like he’s speaking a foreign language because there are sounds put together in what could be words, they just aren’t. Although I swear he said “Hi Beagle” tonight when Guido was hanging around waiting for him to drop a rice crisp.

We went to the mall today with Julie and Mac. I’m hoping she posts the picture of the two boys because I didn’t take one. Instead I have Jack chewing on his foot in the food court:


and then contemplating chewing his foot:

feet 2

It was good to hang out with Julie. She lent me some baby food when I left Jack’s diaper bag in the car. She listened to me whine about still being fat. She shopped and walked the mall, fending off the men who wanted us to try lotion or buy an airbrushed hat from them. A good time was had by all.

Tomorrow we’re going to visit Grandma Gloria and Grandpa Tom. They haven’t seen little Jack in two weeks, and I bet they are going to think he looks different.

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