Friday, August 26, 2005

Quick update

It's been a rough week. Jack is officially weaned to a bottle. This has been surprisingly
difficult (emotionally) and painful (physically) for me and I haven't felt like doing much of anything. Of course except going to the dog hospital twice. Once because Lucca sprained her ankle and the second time because she ate my old prenatal vitamins. Does anyone want a pair of dogs?

Today was much better though. Jack and I headed down to Chandler for lunch with Julie, Mac and my mom. Then we went over to Kiddie Kandids to have Jack's 9 month shots taken. I could not resist this "Jack Soup" picture:


There are more pictures from the session if you click here.

I have other pictures in my camera but I won't have those ready until the little busybody goes to bed.

I KNEW you were gonna put Jack in the pot when you were talking about it yesterday (I knew it knew it knew it).
such a cute picture ...

and i can empathize with you ~ emotionally i know that is hard.

thinking about you :)
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