Monday, July 18, 2005

Teething frenzy

My poor boy is miserable with his teeth coming in these days. The top two look absolutely raw, and he's started acting like he's getting a molar or two as well. He didn't want to eat much today and even though he took two good naps, he went to bed early. Poor little fellow.

You would never know it though – he's sweet as can be in these pictures:


We haven't had a bath shot in a while, so I snapped some while Joe was in charge of bathing over the weekend. He loves the bath as much as the pool and would probably stay in until his fingers and toes were wrinkled up like little dried apricots.

My dad just got back from a week at Boy Scout Camp so we all went to breakfast yesterday. Of course, once again, the only pictures are of Jack:


Here he is sporting the frat boy look with his new visor:

frat boy

We visited with our friend Travis this weekend and he mentioned that he's disappointed when I don't update the blog every day. Ah, the pressure. Of course he never comments on the blog, but that's a different story. It's funny to me how many are out there reading – we average 42 unique visitors a day according to statcounter. Jack is a popular guy.

A friend of mine recently sent me email that said "I know how Jack is because I read his blog, but how are YOU?" (Thank you Natala again for asking!) I am starting to see how people get so wrapped up in their children that they have nothing else to talk about. I do have a life outside of Jack, though, and I am doing fine. A bit tired, somewhat harried, but overall life is good.

I will be going to Denver soon to visit my brother and his brood of children. Imagine my surprise when this arrived in my inbox:

Vincent is 6 years old and will start first grade soon. I wonder what his peers will think. Of course the plus side is he will be memorable. It's hard to stand out in grade school these days, now he has an edge. Remind me not to leave Jack alone with my brother.

As grandmother to these handsome boys I am pleased to say that Vincent (Denver grandson) is not sporting a new tonsorial statement but rather is the result of his father's new found love....Photoshop!
Grandma S
I was wondering how Anne went for that!

It was cool to hear Aunt Brooke freak when she saw the flick!!!
I figured Vincent's new haircut was merely the result of having 2 USC grads as parents. That boy (and his sisters) were dealt a difficult hand at birth.

There, I commented...


PS- Of course, I'm just kidding Greg and Anne. Sort of...
T - You are forgiven; both for your comments and for your inability to enter the Trojan Family!
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