Thursday, May 05, 2005

Newspaper Boy

Jack’s new favorite morning activity is reading the paper with his dad. They sit on the quilt in the tv room and Jack tears up paper while Joe reads. I’m not sure how this works, but it seems to keep them both occupied and I get a short nap. This morning I got up just in time to photograph Jack during his shenanigans.



He is very proud of himself as you can see.

We had lunch today with Jack’s good friend Angus who is a mere 2 weeks younger than Jack. It is so funny to watch babies interact with one another. Here it looks like they are shaking hands:

hi there

and then they decided to play footsie:


Jack also likes Gemma, who is quite an older woman at 3 and a half:


As of right now, Jack has been sleeping for almost 2 hours. I love when he takes a long afternoon nap – it always makes the evening more pleasant.

Tomorrow we’re going to a new playgroup. Hopefully there will be some nice babies for Jack to play with and some nice moms for me to meet.

Hi Brooke,
Kim told me about your post about her sister and I was just dying to read it. It took me a minute to locate it but it was well worth it. I totally agree with you about "how could she live with herself..." Your blogs are a treat to read, you are really funny. Hope to meet you when I'm in AZ in July.
BTW, your son is adorable! What a cutie! (:
Wow! I feel like such a bad mom. When my kids were young I don't think there were play groups. But now that they are teenagers I feel like I am making up for it. There are always "play groups" at my house! I love the pics of your son, he is a cutie! Squeeze his cheeks for me!
Brooke - I can tell Jack is going to be a Republican...he reads! LOL Just kidding around! He is seriously cute!
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