Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Hi Dad!

Joe is in depositions all day today way out in Chicago, so I took these pictures to show him what Jack was up to last night. Hopefully he can see the pictures on his blackberry okay.

First, we had dinner. It is tough to get Jack to sit still and eat sometimes so I was trying to find the words to Delta Dawn online so I could sing to him. When I turned the computer where he could see it he was suddenly enthralled.



We also sang The Gambler and Lucille by Kenny Rogers in honor of my dad. He liked it.

Before his bath Jack spent some time getting acquainted with the animals on the side of his crib:

before bath

and after his bath he hung out in his dragon towel

after bath

It was not a good night sleep wise. He was up from 2:45 to 4:15, wide awake, kicking his legs and flailing his arms. I’m guessing his teeth are bothering him but what do I know? He could just be practicing for his future as a salsa dancer.

What a cutie he is! Reading some of your other entries about him teething~~sounds just like my 3 when they went thru it! Also, I had countless doctors tell me kids do not run fevers when they teeth. Well all of mine did, not very serious, low-grade with a rotten mood to go along with it. Good luck thru the teething!
Jack just keeps getting cuter and cuter.
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