Thursday, May 19, 2005

Back Home Again

We’ve had a slow few days picture wise. On Tuesday Jack and I cleared out of the house and spent the night at my mom’s. She is going to take him over night on Saturday and we thought it would be a good idea to have a dry run so he wouldn’t feel like he was sleeping in a strange place. It went pretty well, other than the fact he is trying to get a tooth and will often scream bloody murder for no apparent reason.

We’re still working our way through different solid foods. Grandma got to feed him out of her fancy china Noah’s Ark bowl.

breakfast at grandmas

I don’t know if squash tastes better when you eat off of china, but he sure seemed to like it.

Yesterday was my birthday and Jack got to spend some time with people other than me to celebrate. He stayed with my mom in the afternoon while I did a little shopping, and then Grandma Gloria came over at night so we could go out for a real dinner with no baby. It was lovely for us, but Jack was a little difficult at home. He fussed a lot and cried some, but Gloria found a new trick. For some reason running his feet under water calms him down. Who would have thought?

Mac called yesterday to wish me Happy Birthday. That Julie, always showing off with her baby. Unfortunately he’s a bit under the weather with double ear infections, so “Happy Birthday” sounded a little more like “Mah na mah na”.

Well, happy belated Mah na mah na.
Hope you had a good day. And it explains why you weren't at Mama Java's last night.
Hey Brooke, Happy Belated b-day! Hope that you guys will have fun this weekend too! :) Meghan
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