Monday, April 11, 2005

Uncle Greg's in Town!

Jack had a busy weekend. He spent some time at rugby on Saturday and was so tired he fell asleep at six p.m. Unfortunately the string of six hours a night seems to be over – he’s been up the past two nights just like before. Last night I actually fell asleep in the rocking chair from 12:30 to almost two – this was not on purpose and certainly wasn’t the best for my back, but Jack seemed happy all nestled up next to me.

Yesterday we got a surprise visit from my brother Greg. He was in LA with Joe and trying to get home, but Denver had a huge snowstorm and the airport was closed. It was really cool to spend some unexpected time with him. He finally got to hold Jack – here they are at my parents house:

uncle greg

My dad came home just in time to see Jack trying to crawl:


and here’s a close-up

grandpa 2

Jack has a new noise. He's very proud of this noise, and you will be too. See a video clip here.
Guido and Lucca are NOT fans of this sound, and will immediately leave the room when it emits from his small mouth.

Joe is going to read about baby food tonight. Anne’s kids started cereal at four months and she had some good tips for me on the phone today. So we’ll probably do the cereal thing this weekend.

Tomorrow I have work to do so my mom is going to watch Jack for a bit, and then we’re off to knitting at Changing Hands. I won’t stay long though because I’ve been trying to get Jack to bed by seven. We’ll see how that works.

Loved the video! Jack sounds kind of like a dolphin!
I am sure that noise is just the first of what will probably be one of many of Jack's super powers. Before you know it he will be able to move from one side of the room to the other in the blink of an eye. You guys better be prepared.

: )
Love the video! OMGosh he is soooo cute! I think the sound is great!
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