Saturday, April 09, 2005

Ok, I'll Stop Complaining Now

Last night Joe and I had a wine tasting to go to at the Phoenician. Here is what Jack did while I got ready:

hanging out

I’m going to be in trouble when he starts crawling. At least now he stays in the same spot!

Grandma Gloria and Grandpa Tom came over to watch the little guy and he did pretty well. I think we’ve got the bedtime routine down so he goes to sleep relatively easily. But he woke up about an hour after going down and was angry we weren’t back yet. By the time we returned at 9:30 he was not a happy boy. Gloria handed him to me and he nuzzled his face in my neck and made a little whimper noise.

Now I’m not the most sentimental person in the world, but to come home and have a small guy so happy to see you he whimpers kinda makes you weak in the knees.

So I fed him and he was up for a bit longer. He went to sleep around ten and woke up at 3:30. He’s definately on a longer sleep pattern these day, which is fine by me.

This morning he made a frittata with his dad before he had to go down for a nap. You can see in this picture he’s already getting a little grumpy. (Joe had just picked him up because one of his toys was making him angry – a good sign it’s time for some rest.)


Joe is abandoning us today and flying off to LA. I’ve never been completely alone with the baby overnight, so hopefully I’ll do okay. I will be happy when he gets home tomorrow afternoon!

a note to Pam and Jen:

There is no way my son is a liberal. He will never pander to the labor unions and old people. He prefers to pander to the religious crazies and the rich.

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