Thursday, April 21, 2005

Mac's New Teeth

First of all, Jack’s friend Mac has teeth. Two of them. Here they are:

mac's teeth

We are still waiting on Jack’s teeth, but they must be coming soon. He’s drooling like a leaky roof and biting anything he can get his hands on. He would bite the dog if she would hold still enough.

On Tuesday we went shopping for material for a Christening gown for Jack and Mac. They don’t like fabric as much as yarn, and you can tell from this picture they are both getting a little bored

fabric store

Then we went to have lunch with our friend who remains nameless. In this shot, Julie is trying to make him take Mac. He is having none of it. I get the sense Parley is not much of a baby person.

parley and mac

Grandma, on the other hand? Now she’s a baby person:


Back on the home front, Jack has a new chair. We decided against a high chair because we don’t have a lot of space and we thought a chair that hooks on the table would be useful. It’s small enough we can take it over to either Grandma’s house and he can sit with the family wherever he is.

I especially like it because I can sit at the table with him and eat or be on the computer and he’s not in my lap. Two handed eating is quite a luxury for me these days.

new chair

new chair 2

As you can see in the second picture, we’ve introduced him to the spoon. He’s not using it yet, but at least he’s playing with it.

Yesterday we went to Elissa’s baby shower. She’s due in July and of course looks fantastic. Here’s a shot of her showing off her belly:


And then last night we ate with my parents and Kim and Angus and Chuy’s. Joe is out of town and I think my mom is worried I won’t eat without him here. Jack and Grandpa hung out for a bit

looking at grandpa

Jack has suddenly developed stranger anxiety. Every time he sees a new person his little lip starts to quiver and he screams at them. I’m glad he’s spent a lot of time without our families so this won’t happen to any of them!

Today is a much needed pj day. We were gone all day yesterday and both of us are pretty beat. With Joe gone I will probably eat dinner and go straight to bed.

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