Monday, April 18, 2005

Jeepers Creepers

It's getting warm here in the desert, and footed sleepers just aren't cutting it for the little guy any longer. The other evening I went in to feed him around ten and he was sweating. But sleepwear for babies is a tough thing – it has to be soft, it simply cannot go over the head, and there must be easy diaper access. Luckily the people at Carters think of everything. They have an item called a creeper. It looks exactly like the footed sleepers but without the feet or arms. You can't really see too well in this picture, but this is what they look like from the back with a sleeping baby inside:


He's napping, and we all know I won't wake a sleeping baby, so that picture will have to suffice.

We had an interesting weekend.

Saturday Grandma Gloria came over to pick up Jack and spend the day with him. Before he left I snapped a picture of the two boys in their semi-matching outfits:


It was very relaxing. We did grocery shopping and had a fancy lunch at Christopher's, and then I headed over to Elizabeth Arden for a small amount of pampering. All in all, a wonderful day.

Yesterday was not so nice. Joe had a stomach ache in the morning and Jack's stomach was upset all day. He was fussy and unhappy and couldn't get settled. He finally fell asleep around 8:30 or so much to my relief.

Sleeping has overall been better for me this weekend. I went to the doctor on Friday for my allergies and she gave me a nasal antihistamine that will hopefully not harm my milk production. It's also helping me sleep better so even if I'm getting up at night I'm able to go right back to sleep instead of tossing and turning for an extra half hour. It's amazing the difference. I got up twice with Jack last night but I feel great this morning.

We did not yet start cereal. We are still reading and doing research, and we just bought a chair that hooks onto the table. We don't have a high chair yet – we looked at them yesterday but were unimpressed. The way Jack is with sitting I don't know if he will stay in one. We'll see how he does with this little hook-on seat and go from there.

Not much on the agenda today. After Jack's nap (going on two hours now!), I'll get us both ready and maybe we'll have lunch with the grandparents. I have to ship off the birthday gifts to Colorado this week, and I need to get some knitting done. Oh, and we'll be spending some quality time with our friend who is moving to New York soon. That will be a sad day.

He woke up just as I was about to publish this, so here's a better picture of his new sleepwear


Brooke - I love your site. I have a son (C.J.) born March 3rd and it is funny to see how many things Jack has that C.J. has too. (the blanket from the hospital with the teal & pink stripes, the "crabby bottom" outfit, and lots of carter stuff. Carter makes the best stuff! I found your site because I was looking for a pattern for the Maya style sling. I live in an area where if you are looking for baby stuff your choice is Target, Sears, or Kmart, and non of them have baby slings. I am afraid to order one without at least being able to pick it up and look at it/see how it is made. I was wondering if you had a pattern. I would prefer to make my own. Please let me know at
I can't believe you forgot to mention how I tried to run you over in the parking lot of Trader Joe's. Or the dirty look you gave me when I honked at you

; )
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