Tuesday, April 12, 2005

In a Land Called......what?

On Sunday my friend Carla and I took food over to our friend's house whose daughter has been in the hospital for five weeks. We figured they hadn't been eating well, so we wanted to do something to make things easier. On the way, Jack got a little fussy (he doesn't like the car for too long), so I started in my repertoire of songs to make him happy. We sang Puff the Magic Dragon, of course, but when we got to the chorus Carla belts out with:

In a land called Gal-li-leeeeee

Um, right. Carla? This isn't Jesus meets the potheads. It's Hon-a-lee. I had to correct her. Apparently she has been singing the song incorrectly for years.

Although she was not impressed by my squeaky little singing voice, she was impressed that I knew all the words. Tools of the trade I suppose.

Today Jack and I set out for Grandma's house so I could do some work. Of course, Jack fell dead asleep for over two hours, so I got a lot done, but my mom didn't get a ton of Jack time. Here he is in the Pack-n-Play, sleeping like a baby:

asleep at grandmas

Then tonight we stopped by knitting to say hi to everyone. I'm trying to get Jack's sleep schedule down so we didn't stay too late. Here's a picture of him hanging out in the sling:

on lap

We were home by 7:30, he had his bath and zonked out. Now it's almost 11 and he's still sleeping.

Joe was at a Suns game tonight so I chatted with Julie on the phone for a bit. It's nice to talk to someone who doesn't think I've gone completely crazy. (Her husband had a great idea to send us both to a spa in Sedona – I like how that man thinks.) There is nothing more valuable than having gone through this pregnancy and infant stage with someone who has known me my entire life. I still can't believe we have babies who are 3 weeks apart in age – we are truly lucky.

Unfortunately the rest of the world thinks I've lost my mind. I was looking at an expiration date in the fridge just now and couldn't decide if the food was too old (normally the answer would be- "of course it's too old, it is OUR fridge."). I asked Joe the date. He said "The 12th." I said "Of April?" And I was serious. This is not good.

I am two steps away from being committed by my own husband.

I have to put notes everywhere or I forget things. In my case it's because I really don't have a schedule. Someone asked me today if I did something and I said no because I didn't have time. This of course was hilarious because that's something I actually do have a lot of. He quickly pointed this out to me.
I'll have you know that I woke up this morning with "Puff, the Magic Dragon" playing on endless repeat inside my head, and I could not for the life of me figger out why until POTUSOL reminded me of this post.

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