Thursday, April 07, 2005

Abducted by Aliens

It is after ten p.m. as I type this. Jack went to bed at 6:30 and has not woken up since. Oh, except when Lucca started barking hysterically at the pizza man. I went in, picked him up, put his pacifier in, he went right back to sleep. It has now been over four hours since he ate and he is not making any signs as if he will wake up soon. (And yes, he is still breathing, I just checked.)

Not only that, he went to bed without a single fuss. Not even a whimper.

The only explanation is aliens. Or baby-switching of some type.

Yesterday was a very hard day for all of us here in the Adams household. Jack was having trouble napping, he was extremely tired, and I felt like I’d been beaten with a jackhammer. I know tv is bad, but some days it does save me. At least he’s watching important news shows – this was him deeply involved in the Daily Show with Jon Stewart:

jon stewart

Today was much better, and one of Jack’s favorite activities is hanging out with his dad in the morning before work. (It’s one of my favorites as well, because I usually get a nap!) Here he is this morning with Joe, telling me to go away and stop intruding on dad time

hanging with dad

They also chatted with the pinscher:

regarding lucca

We were off to the mall again today where we met Julie and Mac and my mom for lunch. I’m going to start calling my mom Grandma Magic, because she was able to get Jack to sleep like this:

grandma magic

and then set him in his stroller:


This gave her some time to play with Mac, who didn’t think it was naptime just yet:

mac and mom

Last night Jack was up again for almost two hours. Kim thinks it might be due to teeth coming in, which is quite possible. I didn’t give him any formula last night so it can’t be that. And I’ve just decided to stop monkeying around with his eating – I don’t think it has anything to do with his sleep habits so I’m just going to leave it alone for the time being. He’s not due to start cereal until he’s six months old anyway, and the formula is just confusing him.

So I don’t know if I should go to bed or wait for him to wake up. I know if I wait he won’t wake up for hours, but the minute I put my head to the pillow I will hear his pretty little cry from the next room. That’s the way it goes around here.

UPDATE: I couldn’t get blogger to work last night. As I was waiting around, the little man woke up to eat. It was 10:40. I fed him and went straight to bed. He didn’t wake up again until 4:45. Never in the entire time we’ve had him has he slept this long.

I am amazed. I know not what to say.

(Bonus points if you know where that last quote came from.)


A Midsummer Night's Dream.

-P the Anonymous
Ok, I knew it was Shakespeare, do I get points for that?

And Brooke, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but your son might be a liberal...
I think Pam may be right
Can Jack please talk to Harrison about the Daily Show? Harrison doesn't seem to like it so I haven't got to watch it since I had him. Perhapse Jack could convince him that it is fun to watch.
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