Friday, March 18, 2005

Sleeping like a baby

I just can’t get over how peaceful Jack looks sleeping on his tummy. I have to trust my instincts and just know he’s going to be okay. He’s figured out how to suck his fingers and sleep:


Black and white photos make him look less red and yucky in the face. His rash is getting better, but I am constantly putting Aquafor on him so he either looks red and blotchy or he looks like a big greaseball. Here he is celebrating St Patrick’s Day yesterday:


Today he and I went down to Chandler for some daytime knitting. This time we brought along my mom so I actually got some knitting done. He was extremely tired, but of course in usual Jack fashion, he refused to go to sleep. Grandma tried to comfort him:


No big weekend plans in place – just some hanging around and maybe going to the Encanto/Palmcroft home tour. Joe thinks he might be getting sick so we’re going to take it easy.

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