Sunday, March 06, 2005

My Sleep Obsession.....

Jack spent the day with Grandma and Grandpa Adams yesterday. Of course I had a million things I wanted to do – go to Osco to print some pictures, go to the UPS store, go to GNC and get more teething tablets, go to Mervyns, finish the laundry (although, is it ever really finished?) Did I do any of these things? Nope. Not a one. I got in my pajamas shortly after Joe left with the boy and didn’t get out of them until it was time to go pick him up. I slept about 3 hours total and it was wonderful.

My sleeping patterns have changed drastically, however. I used to be able to jump into bed for a nap, fall asleep, and wake up hours later. Now it takes me forever to fall asleep and even the slightest sound will wake me up. I hope this is only a temporary symptom of living with an infant, because I really used to love to sleep. Now I see it as a necessary evil.

Today we got up to meet Kim, Jonny, Gemma and Angus out at Duck and Decanter. This is an easy place to meet with kids because it’s not too fancy but you can drink wine. The only bad part was carrying the strollers up and down the stairs – it was too chilly to sit outside if you can believe it. I feel like we got a real winter here in Arizona for the first time in forever. It’s supposed to be 80 degrees next weekend, so I fear it’s over until November, but at least we got some good rain.

Jack and Joe hung out for a while as I tried to learn a new knitting pattern Kim brought me:


Jack looks a little surprised by the whole thing.

We missed Rugby and Knitting yesterday, but it sounds like everyone had a great time. Hopefully next week the weather will be a little better and we can go. I think Jack would like it since he is going to be such an athletic boy.

Here is Gemma with Angus. She is so good with the babies – I think she really likes having a little brother.

gemma and angus

Not much is going on this week. We’re hoping to make it to the zoo with Julie and Mac on Wednesday, but other than that we have no real plans. Hopefully I can get some errands done and get to the gym. Oh yeah, and finish that laundry.

osco for printing pictures? what is that? have you tried smugmug? i think they do a wonderful job of printing pics. oh, maybe you aren't talking digital? but that doesn't seem like you. I print all my pics these days via smugmug -- they have lots of size and print options, color correction, preview tools and other good stuff. i think there's a fee to join - but it's small and it's a great place to host pics. i use flickr more for photo-community. there's a sign-up link on my smugmug page i think -

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