Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Duck, duck, GOOSE

Remember how I mentioned Jack went to visit the ducks? These are the same ducks that traumatized his father as a child. Joe still talks about being afraid of those ducks. Jack was less affected. In fact, he slept through the entire ordeal, but Gloria got a good picture anyway:


Yesterday Jack and I had a pretty mellow day. I tried out his new sling made by my mother. (If you want a Maya sling, they are really easy to make, and considering they cost $50 it was great to have her make one for me.) It’s never easy to take pictures of the two of us together, but we do have a full length mirror, so here we are:


I know it’s a little blurry, but so what? It’s still cute. He fell asleep of course, and I set him down in the crib:

new sling

Yes, he is wearing camouflaged pants in honor of his Uncle Greg the hunter.

Later we had lunch with Grandma and Grandpa at Matador downtown. Jack likes Grandma because she always picks him up so he can see better:


We finally got our book from Amazon – The No Cry Sleep Solution. For me it’s not just the lack of sleep, it’s the screaming fits in between that are really wearing me out. Allegedly this book is going to help with that. I’m cataloging his napping, bedtime routine, and night waking to see exactly where the problem lies. I am fully expecting the problem to be “oh, your baby just doesn’t like to sleep much”. But it can’t hurt to try, can it?

Today we met Julie, Mac, Lauren and Harrison at Chandler Mall to have pictures with the Easter Bunny. Can you believe they don’t HAVE and Easter Bunny at the mall? What’s up with that? So I am going to Kierland on Thursday where I know they have a bunny, and I will have his pictures taken then. Since we couldn’t get a bunny, we lined the strollers up for a shot of the boys:


Mac is the oldest, and therefore the one holding court in the center. Harrison has a habit of slumping to the side, and so you can’t see him so well. And Jack is napping. But as always it was good to get out with some other moms and talk about the challenges of mothering an infant.

Tomorrow I’m heading up to my mom’s so hopefully I can get some work done and maybe take a nap.

Any chance I can put in an order with you mom for a homemade sling?? Or is she giving out the pattern??
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