Friday, March 25, 2005

Busy Week!

Jack has been busy the past two day hanging out at Grandma’s house. Wednesday we went up there so I could get a little work done, and Jack had a good ol’ time walking around the house with Grandma. He even got to play in the Exersaucer:


Here is how he felt on the way home:


When he sleeps in the car it is the most peaceful time of my day. I also got a nap on Wednesday afternoon, so we were feeling pretty good.

Yesterday we went back up to decorate cookies and eggs for Easter. Jack is a little young for the whole decorating business, but he and his friend Angus got to hang out on the blanket for a while:

with angus 2

It’s funny to see them interact. At one point Jack had his fingers in Angus’s mouth. I didn’t get a good shot, but here they are looking like they are about to wrestle one another:

with angus 1

I think Gemma is cheering them on. Today we are going to lay low – we may run by Baby Gap to get an outfit for Easter, but no big plans. The weekend will be full of activity with all the holiday festivities, so Jack is resting up.

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