Friday, February 18, 2005

BEWARE: Dieter on Board

I started a diet today. Jack will be 12 weeks old tomorrow and I still have 15 pounds to lose of my baby weight. Add to that I was trying to lose 15 pounds before I got pregnant, and you see I'm 30 pounds away from my goal weight. I once hired a personal trainer and she told me that 80% of weight loss comes from what you put in your mouth. I'm afraid that is probably true since I eat horribly and – no surprise – am not losing weight.

The good news is Weight Watchers has a new plan that I think will suit me just fine. There is a list of approved foods and you can eat as many of them as you want. Then you only have to count the foods that don't appear on the list. We'll see how well it works. The bad news is wine has 2 points. Wine will always be my downfall when it comes to weight loss.

I went to give Jack a bath last night and realized he no longer needed the little newborn hammock in his tub. He fits just in the normal tub on his own. He was a little confused by the floating sensation, but I think he grew to like it okay.

no hammock

When I went to get him dressed I realized ALL of his footed sleepers were dirty. He only has about 57 of them, and I was surprised they were all dirty. No worries, I found this cute little long underwear outfit for him to sleep in. He had to wear socks, but he looked pretty darned cute.

long underwear

This weekend we're going to a rugby game provided it doesn't rain. If it does rain, who knows what we will do? Joe is pretty tired from work, and I imagine there will be lots of lazing around the house.

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