Thursday, January 20, 2005

My First Nap

So apparently you are supposed to create a napping schedule and put the kid in the crib to nap, not in the living room in his bouncy seat. Who knew? So here is Jack attempting his first nap in the crib:

Do you see how unconvinced he is? He did manage to fall asleep a little, but it was the pseudo-sleep where his pacifier is still moving every minute or two. We're going to try it again today and see what he thinks.

We also tried out a new way to sit in the sling, which seems to make him happier – I don't think he liked being all covered up. This way he can see what is going on around him. Not that it's very exciting to watch me do laundry and knit, but still.

The sleeping saga continues. Both Anne and my mom suggested it might be time for Jack to sleep in his own room. Of course I thought you didn't do that until 3 months, but what the heck do I know? So off to his room he went. I had the baby monitor for the first half of the night (I know you told me not to Anne, but it was too hard for me to not be able to hear him.) But after he ate the first time the batteries died. Since the smart people who invented the monitor made it necessary to get a screwdriver out to change the batteries, I decided to go the rest of the night without it.

And the boy slept. Not great, not five hours at a time, but he slept. I got up at 12:30, 2:30 and 5:30 – not too bad comparatively. Tonight we're hoping for a little longer since hopefully he'll be used to the bed a little more. So now I'm just normal sleep deprived, not the zombie-type sleep deprived I was yesterday and the day before. We're going to try a nap after he eats between 8 and 8:30.

Our friend Nick is coming back next week! He's never met Jack, but Lucca sure misses him. He's one of the only people who really likes Lucca – picks her up and everything. (It's so sad how unpopular she is. I really feel sorry for her sometimes because she can be quite a sweet dog.) We have a sneaking suspicion that he's been reading this blog and not leaving his footprints, but we could be wrong.

Today shouldn't be too stressful – lunch with my mom and maybe Julie. Nothing planned for tonight other than trying out the crib again. Wish us luck!

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