Tuesday, January 25, 2005

More on why we need dad

My brother made a good point about yesterday's post – I forgot to mention the one really crucial thing Joe does, and that is financing the family. I do feel monumentally lucky that I can stay home with the little guy.

His other big job will come into play this afternoon when we visit the doctor for Jack's 2 month checkup. He will be getting 3 shots, and Joe will be holding him because I don't think I can stand it. Jack is not nervous about the appointment, here he is this morning in our bed – he's not supposed to be napping but the milk coma overcame him and he fell asleep.

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Yesterday we went to visit my parents. My dad was surprised by how much he "talks". I hadn't really thought about it because I'm with him all the time, but he is making a lot of noise these days. If you sit him on your lap and talk back he gets very happy. So far he hasn't laughed again, but I can tell he's getting very close. I think the first time was a fluke.

The sleeping experiment is going well. Last night we tried to keep him awake until 8 so he would adjust when he got up in the morning, and it worked. Last night was the first time he didn't wake up in between eating. I'm starting to feel a little more normal now that I'm getting more sleep.

Tickle him!
Hey Brooke, One thing I did with Jake was to give him a "dream feed" at about 10 or 11 PM to help him sleep a little longer. (Although I can't remember when I started doing this.) You basically nurse/feed them while they are asleep. I hope the Dr's appt goes ok today. -Kirsten
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