Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Speed Shopping

Yesterday was a blur – Jack stayed home with Gloria and I ran out to shop in between feedings. There is nothing like the added pressure of a potentially starving infant at home to speed up your shopping. I went armed with a list and set destinations. I can’t believe how much I accomplished in a very short time. It was such a relief to have Gloria here. Joe and I were talking last night about how lucky we are to have babysitters. Really my mom and Gloria are the only people I trust enough to leave him with, so if we didn’t have them I would be much more tied down.

So most of the shopping is done. We still don’t have a tree, and Joe’s work schedule is such that we probably won’t have one until Friday. In Italy they don’t put up their tree until Christmas Eve, so I guess we’re following that tradition.

I didn’t take any pictures yesterday so here’s one from this morning. He’s fed and warm and happy, so we’re just hanging out in the living room.

Note to Boney - Christmas trees on Christmas eve is Orthodox tradition, not italian.
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