Sunday, December 12, 2004

My little social butterfly

Jack had another big day yesterday. We had breakfast with my parents at a place in Scottsdale called the Breakfast Club. Here is Jack hanging out with his grandma:

And last night we had a Christmas Party at Barb Dawson's house. Here's Jack with his dad:

One thing we noticed is that we are much more popular at parties with a baby. No one used to stop and talk to us before, now everyone at the party comes by and looks at the baby.

Speaking of babies, Kim had hers! Yesterday afternoon Angus William was born – I know Kim was very relieved she did not have to be induced. Here he is:

Jack had his first bath today. For a complete set of pictures go here. Here he is contemplating the situation, or begging his father to put the camera down, I can't tell which:

And just because I feel a little sorry for the dogs, here is Lucca this morning by the fire:

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