Thursday, December 30, 2004

Jack's DVD

I just received my Christmas gift from my brother. He made a dvd from video and pictures he took over the Thanksgiving Holiday and in the hospital when Jack was born. I got to see Joe walking down the hall dressed in a surgical suit presenting his new baby to the family. And I got to see the little guy when he was only minutes old.

This is why I am against c-sections. The surgery/recovery part was nothing. But seeing the little man all alone on that table being poked and prodded for 20 minutes just about broke my heart. He should have been with me. The whole point of natural childbirth is that you bond with your baby right away and he is not scared by a bunch of crazy nurses right at first. And he doesn’t spend the night alone in the nursery.

More than one person has told me I am too hard on myself. I suppose if more than one person says it I should take heed. It’s funny to hear this, because I think the same thing of my mother. Here you have the most incredible woman on the face of the earth – she’s talented, creative, intelligent, funny, compassionate, and can cook anyone out of the kitchen, and yet she is constantly criticizing herself.

Oh my god, am I turning into my mother? They say it will happen.

I didn’t have a picture of Jack from yesterday – he was in a bad mood most of the day. Luckily last night we both got some good sleep – he slept for 5 hours again which is very nice for me. So here he is this morning after I took off the sling:

The nice thing about the sling is you can wiggle out of it without disturbing the baby. Then he just keeps sleeping in his warm little cocoon and he isn’t shocked by the cold bed or anything. I love that sling.

Today is Joseph’s birthday. Happy Birthday! We’re going for sushi tonight to celebrate since I couldn’t have sushi during my entire pregnancy.

Your praise is a little exaulted! I do think you are too hard on yourself. You made careful balanced decisions at every point of your delivery. C section birth was the correct choice...Jack doesn't seem the worst for wear. He is the most perfect baby boy ever and you are a terrific make a mother proud.
Mom aka "the incredible one"
Happy Birthday Old Chap...
-Neek Rivers
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