Monday, December 27, 2004

Happy 1 Month Birthday!

Jack is one month old today. Hard to believe he’s only been here a month considering how completely he’s taken over our lives. We think he’s started to smile, and I tried to get a picture of it unsuccessfully, but every time Joe would go over and talk to him last night he would smile. So here he is just looking at Joe instead:

I need to clarify about our bad Christmas Karma. This year it was the heat, I think last year was fine but two years ago we came out here from California with the dogs. They did not get along with Tom and Gloria’s new German Shepard and we ended up putting them in a kennel. Our dogs are not kennel people to say the least. It was really awful, and Lucca barked so much during her four day stay that she lost her voice. Every time we drive by that kennel (mistakenly called a “Pet Resort”), we remember sending our dogs to jail.

Jack and I have recovered from the holiday. We didn’t leave the house at all yesterday – we both just slept and ate and slept some more. And watched James Bond movies because Spike is having the 007 Days of Christmas. I just love Sean Connery as James Bond.

Last night Jack slept for close to 5 hours, which was wonderful. But then I think his little tummy was so empty he ate a little too much, because he then proceeded to get sick all over himself. So then I didn’t know if I was supposed to feed him again or just leave him be. He looked really sleepy so I just put him down and fed him again in two hours. I can’t believe how many times something happens with him and I have no idea what I’m supposed to do.

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