Friday, November 19, 2004

You're Late!

My father always says of my mother that she was a fine pregnant woman until she was one day late with my brother. Although I doubt anyone will say I have been a fine pregnant woman, I can certainly relate. What do you mean he's not here? It's the 19th of November. Doesn't he know he was due the 18th? Someone has suggested that maybe he's not a Scorpio, maybe he's a Sagittarius. News Flash to Jack: we don't believe in horoscopes, so get your butt out here.

The family is starting to weigh in on when they think he will come. Anne says Saturday, my mom Monday (she had a dream, so it must be right), and Greg Tuesday. I'm really fine with any of these days – I'm fine as long as I don't have to be induced at this point.

Joe and I are having a debate about when the child is allowed to go out in public. Of course our pediatrician will settle the argument, but in the meantime please feel free to comment. I have a knitting party on December 9th and plan to take Jack with me. We have a baby sling so I'm planning on just carrying him around all night. Joe thinks this is dangerous and I should leave him at home. He will be somewhere between 2 and 3 weeks old, and I'm not leaving him at home, but I don’t want to be locked in the house either. (On a side note, I was on a boat when I was 12 days old. So maybe I have a different perspective than him.)

Last night Joe and I went to Target with our gift certificate we got at his work party. Of course we spent way more than they gave us. Julie mentioned to me that none of Mac's clothes fit – all the 0-3 month sizes are way too big and she didn't have anything in the newborn size. So I got two sleepers that are newborn, and a few extra onsies. Joe wanted some masculine hats, and we also needed wipes. Oh, and a new dog bed. And sweatpants for me (men's large Hanes sweatpants. Right now I do not own a better piece of clothing. And they were only $6.50)

I'm off to clean for the maids – they are going to be surprised there is no baby yet….

Not only were you in a boat, it was raining. Cool. Now, it has been said "...they're like a football, not a vase..." Take him with you.
Remember the Singer boat. Don't leave Jack at home. God himself invented fleece so that you can take Jack outside.....on second thought, I don't think you can buy fleece in AZ, it's too freak'n hot there.

You can take him out as soon as you want as long as you don't let anyone breathe on him or touch him with their dirty, sick hands. They can look but they can't touch has always been my moto. (Unless of course they are related to him by blood or marriage)
I think you should bring Jack with you. If Joe feels uncomfortable, suggest that he go the the winter party with you both. I think most everyone will know not to breathe on him or touch him if they have a cold or feel like they are coming down with something. If he is a healthy weight and feeding well, he is getting tons of antibodies from you, which will protect him from germs. I honestly don't think Gemma or I were sick for two years due to nursing, so I think you will be safe.
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