Friday, November 12, 2004

Today may be the day

Last night at about 7 p.m. I started having mild but very regular contractions. They are coming about every 6 or 7 minutes and don't hurt very much, but are clearly different than the fake kind. I emailed Danielle and she said things are starting to move so I need to get as much rest as possible until they start to get more intense. Of course it was difficult to sleep, but I think I managed about four hours. According to the information I have, this stage of labor can last 12-24 hours, so we may still have a wait.

The doctor doesn't want me to go to the hospital until they are 5 minutes apart for more than an hour. If I had to guess, that isn't going to happen until at least this afternoon, so everyone can just sit tight and wait. Including me.

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