Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Guess what?

Nothing. That's what.

I went to the doctor today and nothing is happening. No dilation, no effacement, nothing. The heartbeat is strong, the baby is moving well, everything is fine and I still have two weeks until the due date. He told me I needed to have some contractions to get things moving, and the kind I'm having are fake. He said to talk to the baby. Ha! I tried to explain that the baby is not cooperating in that department.

Last night I realized I didn't have a hat for Jack to wear coming home. It's starting to get cold, so he will definitely need something to cover his head outside. I dug up some yarn and made him two hats, one to go with each outfit I'm considering for the ΒΌ mile drive home. Here they are:

Both outfits look really big though, so I wouldn't be surprised if we just wrapped him up in a blanket.

We go back to the doctor next Wednesday afternoon. Hopefully something will have happened by then - I'll be a week shy of my due date and I really don't want to discuss induction if I don't have to!

While you are outside taking pictures could you bring the second basket of laundry in the house? ....and fold it?
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