Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Five days late and counting....

Things may be moving a long a little – I'm feeling more pain in my lower back and am hoping it's a sign of something starting. But who knows? It could be nothing. We're going to walk the dogs this morning before Joe goes to work – yesterday it was raining so we couldn't take them out.

My family is visiting from Colorado – they got in last night expecting a baby to be here already. I guess we all expected that. They were planning to leave on Sunday but we'll see what happens when Jack finally shows he face.

I talked to Julie yesterday. Mac is eating so much and growing so much she is completely exhausted. She said he gain ¼ of a pound in less than 2 days. I guess he eats almost every hour! He is going to be big, Dave is pretty tall compared to the rest of us.

So if he's born today, Greg is the winner. And so am I, because I'm really ready for this kid to arrive….

hmmm...no post yet today. Does this mean Jack is on the move?
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