Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Nothing to Report

Jack just keeps getting bigger and bigger with no signs of budging from his little nest. We go to the doctor tomorrow afternoon to take a look at his progress and check to see if I've started the labor process. After that I will be going every week to see how I'm doing.

Parley asked me yesterday if I am scared of all the pain. Surprisingly I'm not. I figure it's going to last for no more than a day or so – I can do anything for a day, right? I'm not looking forward to all that pain, but I think it will be manageable. I am really going to try and go natural – no drugs, no breaking of the waters, no induction. From what I understand, recovery will be much easier if I'm able to do all this. Really I'm more worried about taking care of the baby after all is said and done – I know nothing about children. Literally nothing. I've read about a zillion books, but I'm guessing there is a lot more to it than can be found in a book.

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