Saturday, October 30, 2004

Jack is a Big Fat Liar

He told me he was coming on the 31st, but I guarantee you nothing is happening this weekend. He's just hanging out and taking up all the space in my body – he hasn't even dropped down yet. He's still kicking up a storm, however, and getting hiccups at least twice a day.

I had a dream last night that my Obstetrician lived across the street from me and came over to tell me my house had been ransacked by bears. While he was here he decided to give me a quick check to see if I was progressing (of course I wasn't). Who knows what that could mean?

Gloria felt the baby yesterday when I was at her school – he was wiggling around a little, nothing dramatic. But you can pretty much feel him any time now, he's so close to the outside.

So, yet again, we're just waiting. I got my gowns in the mail yesterday for the hospital, so now I can pack my bag. We also got the attachments for the car seat to sit on the stroller. I think we're completely ready, at least with all the stuff.

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