Thursday, October 21, 2004

It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring

Well, today is the big day. Jack is considered full term - he's completely formed and ready to live in the outside world. Now we just have to convince him of that fact. He and I have been chatting regularly about how great it is here and how much he's going to like to meet his dogs. He's not convinced. I may have to have Joe talk to him.

We went to the doctor today and he checked me out - I am not anywhere near being in labor. He thinks I will go the full 40 weeks, which is still another 4 weeks away. After I pass 40 he will want to talk about inducing labor, but I don't think it will get to that point. I'm walking, drinking the tea, taking baths and tonight I will have Joe rub my ankles. There are pressure points in your feet and ankles that can induce labor. At this point I'd be happy if he would just drop so I could breathe again!

Danielle our Doula came with us to the doctor. She was very impressed with him and I'm glad they got to meet beforehand. He is going to select our nurse in Labor and Delivery to be sure we get one that is willing to work with a Doula. Some of them get a little territorial and offended by Doulas, and we definately don't want that.

Danielle brought her baby Andrew with her - he's five weeks old. The dogs went absolutely crazy with a baby here. Lucca barked and growled and had a small anxiety attack. Guido cried a lot an hopped around. I don't think they knew what it was. It should be interesting to see how they react to Jack. Hopefully they will get used to him after a while and not bark at him constantly!

So now we just wait. and wait. and wait. I'm going to pack our hospital bag and make sure Joe has all the necessary phone numbers and email addresses. We still need to put the car seat in and set up the diaper genie.

I'm just going to hang out and enjoy the rain - I'm loving this weather and I'm so glad it's cooling off!

God you are funny. Territorial Doooolas might be a great movie title.

Grow Jack Grow. Four weeks is nothing.
Hey there - For the childless can you explain what a Doula is.....

dumber than a doorknob!
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