Thursday, October 07, 2004

Dr. Appointment

We went to the doctor today, it was very uneventful. He listened to Jack's heartbeat and verified that his head is down. I told him I'm not sleeping, I can't breathe very well, my ankles and hands are swelling, I'm tired all the time, etc. He said everything sounds normal and I'm progressing just fine. We go back in two weeks when he'll start checking for dilation - I'll be 36 weeks by then and the baby will be completely formed.

I measured my stomach last night - supposedly if you measure it in centimeters it matches how many weeks pregnant you are. It was exactly 34. I was hoping he was wrong about the date, but it's looking like six more weeks is what we should expect.

I'm so relieved the weather is starting to cooperate. It has been a long hot summer carrying this belly around, and at least now I don't feel sticky all the time. I'm even wearing jeans! Thank goodness for Old Navy and their cute maternity jeans – my mom just bought me another pair, so I should be set for the remainder of the pregnancy.

I've gained more weight than is recommended, but not by a lot. I'm just glad the baby is healthy, I can worry about dieting once he gets out of me and I can actually see my toes again.

I'm going to try and video the baby moving next time he starts ballroom dancing in my belly. He is a very active child and it's amazing how much of him you can see from the outside. He seems quietest when I'm in a noisy room – when I was at knitting the other night I think he fell completely asleep because I didn't feel him at all. But as soon as I got in the car and it was quiet he was up and about, kicking my lungs like usual.

I got email from my mom yesterday asking if she could hold the baby yet. I wish! It would be nice to hand him to someone else for a bit right now, he's really getting heavy. I know everyone is excited to hold him – he is going to be a very popular baby.

I think I need a good Halloween costume – maybe I'll just paint myself orange and go as a pumpkin.

For a costume, how about a handle on your head with a zipper down your front and back........a bowling ball bag!

Or maybe you could go as a stork, or a doctor...they both "deliver" babies?
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