Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Another Uneventful Doctor Visit

We just got back from the doctor. He listened to Jack's heartbeat which sounds really loud and fast. He checked me out and nothing is progressing, so he doesn't expect anything to happen soon. Based upon the fact that this is my first baby and I am not doing anything, he thinks I will go the full 40 weeks. But he also said things could happen sooner, there is not a good way to tell. We go back next Wednesday to get checked again.

We had to go to a cocktail party last weekend, which is about as fun as going to the doctor. It was in North Scottsdale and it gets a little chilly up there at night. We had dinner with my parents ahead of time and I needed to keep warm, so this outfit was born:

I think it suits me.

I did take off the flannel shirt and purple socks for the party, but it was tempting to just leave them on and let people comment at will. The worst thing was I could have easily gotten away with jeans, which is the only thing I really wear anymore.

Another cocktail party tomorrow night for the Heard Museum. Didn't pregnant women used to enter some type of confinement period where they weren't considered to be acceptable in public? I'm thinking of reinstituting that rule. I don't think I belong in public, unless I'm knitting of course.

To answer Alison's comment, a Doula is a labor support person. She is there to offer advice and guidance during labor and delivery, as well as beforehand. She and I talk about fear-releasing techniques, breathing, stages of labor, things like that. She will be there during the entire process to make sure I'm comfortable and doing what I can to have a natural birth. The goal is to have as little medical intervention as possible and having a doula increases my chances of getting through this without drugs.

I am having a few preliminary contractions, but nothing big enough to worry about. They have to get much stronger in order to cause labor to progress. So we sit and wait. My favorite thing.

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