Thursday, October 14, 2004

5 more weeks.....

Jack is active as ever - he really enjoyed the music at Lux Coffee Bar last night. I went there with my knitting friends and at first they had the debate on, but when they turned on the music he started to dance. He seems so big now - I know I am going to be shocked at how small he is when he finally gets here.

My mom felt him kick for the first time this week. She gets really close to my belly and talks to him and I think he gets scared because he holds really really still. I made her be quiet when he was moving around and she got to feel him. It was pretty cool - you can really feel his limbs and everything. Okay, it's not always so cool, sometimes it's a little creepy. Like an alien has overtaken my body.

After next week he is what the doctor calls a "take home baby". If I go into labor after Thursday, the baby is developed enough that he wouldn't have to stay in the NICU nursery, he would just come home like any other baby. Hard to believe.

We are going to Edward and Amanda's wedding this weekend. They have been living in Hawaii for a while, and I never told them I was pregnant. They are going to be surprised when they see me! I look like a completely different person.

So we're just in a holding pattern now, waiting for the guy to arrive. I am tired most of the time and napping a lot. I keep dreaming of sleeping on my stomach, but that day is far off.

I go to the doctor in a week and we will discuss labor and delivery. My doula will be there and so will Joe. He's going to start checking to see if I'm dilating at all, which according to Julie is pretty painful. They started checking her last week and she said they about had to peel her off the ceiling. But I guess it's the only way for them to tell how close you are to delivering. Yuck.

Writing this will be much more exciting when he's here. More pictures, more actual activity, less sleep!

Brooke please call me ASAP. I need some info
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