Thursday, September 30, 2004

T minus 7 weeks

Yesterday was our 3 year anniversary. Since I am not traveling these days due to oversized cargo, we had a lovely dinner in town at Vincent's. My mom bought me a new outfit with vertical stripes to minimize the belly, but as you can see from the picture there is not much minimizing happening. I still look like I'm hiding a Halloween pumpkin under my shirt.

So we decided to start a blog about Jack. So far there isn't much to say, but I imagine when he gets here there will be many pictures and even more interesting things happening in our lives. Right now the news is limited to the fact that he kindly found my kidneys this morning and I believe he head-butted them a few times.

The nursery should be in order this weekend, and the curtains will be done some time next week. Once that happens I'll take a photo.

So far everything is going smoothly. We're hoping for an early arrival, but really Jack will decide when he feels like coming out of hiding. Until then, we'll just wait....

bon courage to both (three ;-)) of u !
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